What inside your toddler’s head?

Kila dan Kimi suka bermain bersama.. Kadang-kala berpeluk2..Sentiasa membuatkan ibu&ayah ketawa…Terutamanya bila kamu menyanyi didalam kereta… Namun kadangkala perangai kamu berdua membuatkan ibu&ayah berangin..sedih dan malu dengan sikap kamu.. But that’s the joy of toddlers- satu minit kamu boleh menjadi makhluk yang paling cantik,baik, menarik or in english we can say the sweetest creatures, the next time the most demanding and devilish! Why? So ibu baca satu artikel “What inside your toddler’s head” by Chantal Kayem..

There are lots of good reasons why toddlers do what they do, and while it might appear to us that they are being difficult,terrible or naughty, it is aperfectly normal part of their devepment. Add to that, there are also a number of typical characteristics that make toddlers just the way they are:

1. Toddlers think everything is about them.

They see themselves as the centre of the universe and think their needs, wants and desires are the only ones that matter. This is not because they are intentionally selfish but, due to their still developing brain they fail to understand there are others to think about or consider.

2. Toddlers are naturally impulsive.

They do not have the ability to think about the consequences of their behaviour so they will not stop themselves from doing something they shouldn’t.So, when your toddler gets a thought in her head (“I want to shout at the top of my lungs because Mum/Dad is not listening to me,” or, “I want to play with the toy that the other girl has so I will take it”), she will often just do it without stopping to consider what, result her actions will have on others.

3. Toddlers cannot express their feelings easily.

Because they have limited language skills to understand and express their emotions, toddlers often resort to behaviours, such as crying, hitting, bitting or screaming to get their massage across.

So, Chantal Kayem writes few suggestions…

1. Take look at the situation from her perspective.

2. Acknowledge and express her negative emotions.

3. Work at solving the issue once she is calm.

4. Help her to feel like a winner.

5. Pick your battles- choose one or two important behaviors you are going to discipline her on (i.e hitting,shouting)…

6. Use consequences and ignoring (part yg ini ibu lemah sikit.. kekadang berjaya kekadang tidak)

When her behaviour is clearly unacceptable (i.e she shout and hits you when she doesn’t get her way), give her a consequence or punishment, such as Time Out or missing out on playing a game with you. Ignoe attention seeking behaviours, such as her making annoying noises, whingeing.stamping her feet or demanding to have her way…

Tp bila ibu nak wat punishment such as Time Out.. hati ibu rasa sakit sangat dan sedih bila dengar kila&kimi nangis.. Nanti malam ibu yang nangis… Tp actually this method work!!! Kila&Kimi, ibu harap kamu faham dgn tindakan ibu&ayah terhadap kamu.. Ibu&Ayah nak Kila&Kimi jd anak yang baik dan solehah….Love both of you too much!!!!


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